As a society we are always keen to support projects which encourage young people to develop skills and an awareness of the decorative arts. Funding for arts projects is increasingly difficult to come by and support from The Arts Society can make a huge difference and provide opportunities that would otherwise be not available to many young people. 


In recent years The Arts Society Shrewbury has been involved with a variety of initiatives in Shropshire: we have assisted Derwen College to stage art exhibitions and helped to fund their equipment for printing T-shirts.  We have also sponsored the Shropshire Youth Theatre to help with costume design and creation for two stage productions at Theatre Severn and continue our very successful collaboration with the biennial Children’s Bookfests in Shrewsbury.  Another project was to co-sponsor the Kaleidoscope Theatre's impressive production On Thistledown Wings at Sunnycroft, Wellington.


Funding for our Young Arts projects has been made possible through a series of special events and through our book raffle held at our monthly lecture meetings. 
Jerry Wallace is the Young Arts Representative for The Arts Society Shrewsbury.

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