11 October 2018A Visit to Coventry
02 October 2018St Petersburg Trip
31 July 2018A Visit to Hatton Grange
28 June 2018Visit to Great Witley Church, Witley Court and Hanbury Hall.
05 June 2018The Queen's Garden Party
19 May 2018Golden Jubilee Lecture evening
06 May 2018Norfolk Tour Sunday 6th May - Wednesday 9th May.

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A Visit to Coventry
Thursday 11 October 2018

Our group of 49 travelled to Coventry on a fine autumnal day. The bus stopped just outside the ‘New’ Cathedral designed by Sir Basil Spence and consecrated in 1962. This stands adjacent to the war-bombed ruins of the old Gothic Cathedral. After refreshments in the nearby Herbert Gallery refectory, we assembled in the New Cathedral dividing into groups for the comprehensive guided tours around this amazing building and learnt about the unfolding history of the various churches in Coventry up and marvelled at all the things that we see there today. The staggering windows by John Piper struck a chord with many of us who had seen more of his work on a trip to Liverpool last year. The building houses many donated works from all over the world in an international spirit of unification. 

In the afternoon, we made the short walk to The Old Guildhall which dates back to Mediaeval times and has a wealth of history associated with it. It had been the city’s armoury, it’s Treasury and then centre of administration for the city council. It contains one of the oldest tapestries in the country dating back to about 1500 - it is 9x3 metres and has hung in its original position since that time. It depicts The Assumption of the Virgin Mary but also includes members of the Royal Court of the day with numerous hidden references and symbolism, much of which remains unexplained to this day. Our superb guide, Roger Bailey, brought this building to life for us.