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13 May 2020Burned Bombed or Bulldozed: Britain's Lost Houses
15 April 2020The Camden Town Group
18 March 2020CANCELLED The Silver Thread: Silver Filigree & Traditional Arts In Kosovo
19 February 2020Imperial Purple To Denim Blue: The Colourful History of Textiles
22 January 2020The Art & Science of the Lunar Society
04 December 2019Giles: His life, Times and cartoons. 11am at the Sovereign Suite, Shrewsbury Town Football Club.
20 November 2019The Magic of Cristobal Balenciaga, Master of San Sebastian
16 October 2019Picasso and his Women
18 September 2019Anton Gaudi:Catalonia Modernisme
19 June 2019Carmen In Seville
15 May 2019Salvador Dali and Surrealism
17 April 2019The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters: Goya, A Social and Political Critic
20 March 2019The Sword and the Staff: art and architecture on the Pilgrim Way to Santiago de Compostela
20 February 2019Romans, Christians and Moors: Andalucia and its Golden Age
16 January 2019Velazquez and the Golden Age of Spanish Painting
05 December 2018Art inspired by wine
21 November 2018A Potted History of Britain
17 October 2018The War to End All Wars - The Art of the First World War
19 September 2018The Whole Art of the Book
20 June 2018Birds, Beasts and Box: The Art of Topiary
16 May 2018Let there be Light
18 April 2018The Conservation of Paintings, Polychrome Sculpture and Frames
21 March 2018Northern Lights: Scandinavian Design in the Twentieth Century
21 February 2018Gainsborough in Bath: High Society and the Bath Season
17 January 2018Henry Moore: A Revolution in British Sculpture
06 December 2017Charles Dickens, Conjurer: the playbills of Victorian showmen
15 November 2017Legends of Czech Glass
18 October 2017Titian – The First Modern Artist
20 September 2017The Romantic Spirit: music and the arts of early 19th century Germany
21 June 2017Ultimate Power Dressing: Chinese Imperial Costume and Textiles (Qing Dynasty: 1644-1911)
17 May 2017The Impressionist Landscape
19 April 2017From Wild Beasts to Pickled Sharks - Modern art movements of the 20th Century
15 March 2017A Thousand Years of History: Medieval Cathedrals as Time Machines
15 February 2017Ancient Faces: Flinders Petrie and the Mummy Portraits of Roman Egypt
18 January 2017'Mars and the Muses': The Renaissance Art of Armour
07 December 2016Now you see it, now you don’t! The Art of Visual Deception
16 November 2016German and Netherlandish Glass
19 October 2016Brussels: Cradle of Art Nouveau
21 September 2016Dutch & the Low Countries Influence on English silver
15 June 2016From Veneering to Marquetry
18 May 2016Tulipomania: the Tulip, a decorative flower on European and Asian ceramics
20 April 2016Two Baroque Protestants: Handel and Rembrandt
16 March 2016Home Sweet Home: The Domestic Interior in 17thC Dutch painting.
17 February 2016The Palaces of William and Mary: Het Loo & Hampton Court
20 January 2016Beautiful, Beastly, Bizarre: the Art of Hieronymus Bosch
09 December 2015The Spectacular Gold and Silverware Collection of King George IV
18 November 2015Soft Angelic Whispers – the Hidden History of the English Medieval Harp
28 October 2015The Art and Meaning of Maps
16 September 2015A Crisis of Brilliance: Four Young Artists & the Great War
17 June 2015Gold of the Gods: Treasures of South America & the Search for El Dorado
20 May 2015Man Ray the Magic Man
15 April 2015Frank Lloyd Wright
18 March 2015Pomp and Grandeur: the Gardens of the Stuart Court

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Burned Bombed or Bulldozed: Britain's Lost Houses Matthew Williams Wednesday 13 May 2020

There is something incomparably romantic about a long-lost country house, and although Britain still possesses some of the finest of these architectural treasures to be found anywhere, many have been destroyed. A single ruined lodge or pavilion, an over-grown drive or group of mature trees are sometimes all that now exists to remind us of a lost house and pleasure-ground.This lecture tells the story of just some of these losses to our National Heritage – destroyed for a variety of reasons; from neglect, arson, enemy action, incompetence, family rivalry, financial disaster or even insanity! In the mid-twentieth century particularly, profound social change, wars, high taxation and bad management often contributed to the demise of many grand houses. Hundreds were demolished after 1945 – some beautiful, some ugly, but each lost house, as the lecture shows, is fascinating in its own way.  

Matthew holds degrees from the Universities of Nottingham and Manchester and is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries. He is a recognised expert on the work of the Victorian designer William Burges,  he was Curator of Cardiff Castle for nearly 30 years. His most recent  publication is a major book Cardiff Castle and the Marquesses of Bute, published in 2019. Matthew is a long-standing member of The Arts Society, he has been a programme secretary and a chairman before becoming an accredited lecturer in 2001.